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40 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC/MUC - mai 2014PDF

  1. Burger King Worker Fired
  2. Click and collect - the new way to go shopping
  3. White-collar workers to become ‘new poor’
  4. The cars we’ll be driving in the world of 2050
  5. Volkswagen recalls 2.6 million cars
  6. Spain police stop Portuguese fakes
  7. Google targets big brand advertisers
  8. Apple to refund $32.5m to parents
  9. The Politics of Celebrity Ambassadors
  10. Intel to cut 5% of staff
  11. Cheerios Breakfast Cereal Cuts GMO Ingredients
  12. Asos unveils strong Christmas trading with sales up 38%
  13. Cheques: Smartphone Scans Could Ensure Future
  14. Failed exams leave 27 per cent of teens ‘ashamed’
  15. MPs urge crackdown on payday lender advertising
  16. Latvia becomes 18th state to join the eurozone
  17. Treasury unveils ‘smart’ way to cash a cheque
  18. Target: Data stolen from up to 70 million customers
  19. 5 Simple Ways to Get Your Customers to Listen to You
  20. How to Breed Positivity Among Customers and Clients
  21. H&M aims to pay all textile workers "living wage"
  22. Ford to hire 11,000 workers in US and Asia in 2014
  23. Striking Tunisia staff berate French call center giant
  24. Why the world’s technology giants are investing in Africa
  25. Mom's the word
  26. Pizza: Domino's Sees India Becoming Second-Largest Market
  27. Driver’s licenses for all
  28. Shoppers desert the high street
  29. Raise the minimum wage
  30. Tesco’s $110m India expansion given go-ahead
  31. Round-the-world race for graduate jobs
  32. Walmart Plans More Stores and ECommerce in China
  33. Number of fake goods sold online on the increase
  34. Seven reasons to shop locally
  35. Amazon testing drones for deliveries
  36. How welcome are Africans in the UK?
  37. Are we at the end of email?
  38. Chinese officials banned from smoking in public
  39. Zapp app to enable millions more shoppers to pay by smartphone
  40. Survey shows consumer online vigilance waning

20 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC/MUC - mai 2013PDF

  1. Instantly yours for a fee
  2. Make sure festive gifts are covered
  3. Wal Mart to offer deals
  4. Black Friday
  5. Americans die younger
  6. Nuclear energy
  7. Cycling and Walking
  8. New gender rule
  9. Zara fashion retailer
  10. US immigrants' children
  11. Vogue China
  12. E-Books
  13. Visa exec hails phone payment revolution
  14. China wine exports
  15. Student debt surpasses credit
  16. Retailers hit back
  17. College class 2012
  18. End of Ipod
  19. Ban on sugar
  20. Under one roof

15 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - mai 2012PDF

  1. Do you really need that new iProduct?
  2. Major online retailer lets you trade in
    your old electronics
  3. Have yourself a cashback Christmas
  4. Apple in EU e-book market probe
  5. India carmaker Bajaj unveils Tata Nano rival
  6. Key Support for US Ethanol Expires
  7. The apps that keep the iPad at the top of everyone's Christmas list
  8. Helping kids buy homes
  9. Handset upgrades keep consumers buying
  10. Nigeria fuel protest
  11. WeddingWire offers unlimited time off
  12. With a Leaner Model, Start-Ups Reach Further Afield
  13. How do I sell stuff online?
  14. Lowest house sales in 40 years
  15. The Year of the Multitaskers’ Revenge

15 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - juin 2011PDF

  1. How to use strategies to manage conflicts
  2. Tablets taking bite
  3. Pepsi in Russia
  4. Tips for business success
  5. Software pirates
  6. Buy nothing day
  7. Late summer holidays
  8. First buyers
  9. Facebook
  10. Mobile phones to a rural Nigerian
  11. Credits send Britons into poverty
  12. Kids'pocket money
  13. Progress on tablet computers
  14. Cars on the Internet
  15. Internet safety for children

15 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - juin 2010 PDF

  1. Facebook heads towards profits
  2. Online advertising overtakes TV sales
  3. Which were the best selling cars of 2009?
  4. Nintendo profits plunge
  5. Google starts new chapter
  6. No cash, no problem if you barter
  7. BA to cut 1,200 jobs amid losses
  8. Fighting the rise of air rage
  9. Soaring jobless rate for young women
  10. We did it
  11. M&S sales disappoint the market
  12. Britain: a picture of a nation in debt
  13. Sustaining big projects through small gigs
  14. Online ads work wonders
  15. 'Tis the season to be stingy


11 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - juin 2009PDF

  1. Estate agent gives away car with new homes
  2. Woolies: the sale of the century
  3. High street stores suffer as shoppers hit internet
  4. Woolworths to close in January
  5. Rhapsody to challenge Apple's iTunes
  6. 'Thrift is new normal' as coupons make a comeback
  7. 'Thrift is new normal' (part 2)
  8. Web solution for the Philippines?
  9. Obama digs for his Blackberry
  10. Teenagers expect high life by 25
  11. Consumers want Eco-Electronics
  12. High Tech trolleys could help watch waistline

18 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - juin 2008PDF

  1. YouTube plans to interrupt clips with adverts
  2. Mountain of discarded mobiles
  3. Is Apple's iPhone really a must-have this Christmas?
  4. Supermarkets accused of using more plastic bags
  5. Airbus delivers first superjumbo
  6. Bleak prospects for UK job market
  7. Weak retail sales over Christmas
  8. Bank warns on morgage defaults
  9. China launches high speed trains
  10. McDonalds targets Starbucks
  11. Indian slave children
  12. Capsule Hotels -Thinking small
  13. Britain's worst scams
  14. Selling is not about you
  15. The practical joker who turned business green
  16. New green brand for BMW?
  17. From rags to riches
  18. Outdoor advertising - Visual pollution

12 sujets d'oraux du BTS NRC - juin 2007PDF

  1. French supermarkets make their TV debut
  2. Smoking ban 'good for business'
  3. Supermarket chain raises age limit for buying cigarettes
  4. Le beaujolais nouveau est arrivé.
  5. Chaos at airports boosts Eurostar
  6. Building customer loyalty
  7. Ethical foods boom tops £2bn a year
  8. 10,000 people a month will go insolvent
  9. We wantMcDonald's to post nutrition info on food
  10. Number crunch gets easier for food shoppers
  11. Speed through the checkout
  12. Plan to ban standard light bulbs


11 sujets d'oraux du BTS Force de vente - juin 2006PDF

  1. Firms tag workers
  2. Sailing in an orange
  3. When the Joneses Wear Jeans
  4. Virtue for sale
  5. Small isn't Smart
  6. Pay per click
  7. Half of workers on £2 a day
  8. The warrior diet
  9. We want shorter holidays
  10. Ronald McDonald turns health guru
  11. Come into the jardin, ma chère

16 sujets d'oraux du BTS Force de vente - juin 2005 PDF

  1. Bookseller
  2. The obesity industry
  3. Thin screens, fat margins
  4. Starbucks
  5. Cadillac campaign
  6. Young savers
  7. Women drivers
  8. Pregnancy at work
  9. £5 for a night with Stelios
  10. Parents spy on teens
  11. China's car industry
  12. McDonald's revamping
  13. Time to lighten up
  14. Slave labour
  15. Brand fatigue in Japan
  16. Kingfisher


15 sujets d'oraux du BTS Force de Vente - juin 2004 PDF

  1. Alcohol adverts under attack
  2. Eat chocolate to get a free volley ball?
  3. Web piracy hits music sales
  4. Is there such a thing as a cheap home in France?
  5. Lock-ins that aren’t any fun
  6. Diet Coke is top of the pops
  7. A fuel with flavor
  8. Total wants to become a good corporate citizen
  9. Digital piracy
  10. Ethical shopping ‘hits big brands’
  11. Smoking banned
  12. Watchdog sues labels over copy-protected CDs
  13. Unilever plans ‘diet’ ice cream
  14. Mothercare moves to show it also cares for fathers
  15. First ban imposed on club smoking



16 sujets d'oraux du BTS ESF - juin 2004 PDF

  1. Arranged marriages rearranged
  2. Young and vigorous
  3. Want to stop smoking?
  4. Less meat means a longer life
  5. French turn to quick snacks
  6. Fast food focuses on children
  7. Mentally ill man executed in US
  8. Battered men get their own refuge
  9. Fight against AIDS is like Apartheid
  10. Just business or just friends
  11. Age Concern urges action
  12. Let's put women and children first
  13. Fast food blamed for child obesity
  14. Binge drinking
  15. Soap turns to healthy plotlines
  16. Africa under one roof

7 sujets d'oraux du BTS Action Commerciale - juin 2004 PDF

  1. Beef business may be hit hard
  2. Free trade in the global economy
  3. Kids becoming fast food TV nation
  4. Policy statement on consumer privacy
  5. Starbucks fair trade campaign
  6. Brussels clears way for car supermarkets
  7. Mall in Spain lets shoppers ski, dance and spend

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Fichiers Audio - BTS NRC
MP3 Title
May 14 - 01 Amazon.com testing drone delivery service Script
May 14 - 02 Brazil millionaires Script
May 14 - 03 Luxury cars : green Ferrari Script
May 14 - 04 Mobile banking Script
May 14 - 05 Spain entrepreneurs Script
May 14 - 06 Russian Costa Brava Script
May 14 - 07 Italian bikes Script
May 14 - 08 Bicycles outsell cars in most EU countries Script
May 14 - 09 Campaign to ban hands-free phones Script
May 14 - 10 Candy crush saga Script
May 14 - 11 How are consumers shopping and spending? Script
May 14 - 12 Job hunter puts CV on billboard Script
May 14 - 13 Samsung unveils new smartwatch Script
May 14 - 14 South Africa's first smartphone Script
May 14 - 15 Text messaging turns 20
May 14 - 16 Facial recognition brings new look to shopping Script
May 14 - 17 Monica and Todd talk about previous jobs Script
May 14 - 18 Future plans for Maria Script
May 14 - 19 Leadership Script
Mai 13 - 01 Androids Apple China Script
Mai 13 - 02 Worst Jobs ever Script
Mai 13 - 03 Cities the cost of living Script
Mai 13 - 04 Seven Eleven convenience stores Script
Mai 13 - 05 Phone love it or hate it Script
Mai 13 - 06 Ikea and prison manufacturers Script
Mai 13 - 07 Newsweek: print or online editions Script
Mai 13 - 08 French distilleries Script
Mai 13 - 09 Hong Kong made espadrilles  
Mai 13 - 10 Germany and recession Script
Mai 13 - 11 Solidarity bazaar in Portugal Script
Mai 13 - 12 Crisis Christmas in Spain Script
Mai 13 - 13 Freeganism Script
Mai 13 - 14 No more junk food adverts Script
Mai 13 - 15 Pre teen Facebook Script
Juin 12-01 Welfare in America Script
Juin 12-02 Dole in Scotland Script
Juin 12-03 Television vs Internet Advertising Script
Juin 12-04 Car sales training tips Script
Juin 12-05 Apple vs Samsung Script
Juin 12-06 Credit crunch making Britons ill Script
Juin 12-07 Bad Economy Pushes Spaniards to Learn English Script
Juin 12-08 British car Insurance Script
Juin 12-09 What are the usual work hours of Americans? Script
Juin 12-10 A million dollars Script
Juin 12-11 A conservative shopper Script
Juin 11-01 Minimum wages Script
Juin 11-02 Shopping in Sri Lanka Script
Juin 11-03 Development in China Script
Juin 11-04 Battle for heart and lungs Script
Juin 11-05 Kids and money Script
Juin 11-06 Big vs small company Script
Juin 11-07 Body language Script
Juin 10-01 Cash or credit card? Script
Juin 10-02 Talking about jobs Script
Juin 10-03 Can China go green? Script
Juin 10-04 Where are the jobs? Script
Juin 10-05 Small business Script
Juin 10-06 Cold calling Script
Juin 10-07 Income disparity Script
Juin 10-08 Do you give money to charity? Script
Juin 09-01 China's luxury products Script
Juin 09-02 A dummy's guide to the mortgage crisis Script
Juin 09-03 Starbucks Script
Juin 09-04 What skills to be a successful salesperson Script
Juin 09-05 Can America go green? Script
Juin 09-06 Learn about your prospect Script
Juin 08-01 Cyber Monday Script
Juin 08-02 Personal customer service Script
Juin 08-03 Clothes shopping Script
Juin 08-04 Nutriset Plumpy'nut Script
Juin 08-05 iPhone Launch Script
Juin 08-06 Beat the fraudsters shopping online Script
Juin 08-07 Half the country to see house prices fall Script
Juin 08-08 Slaves rescued from China firm Script
Juin 08-09 US government asks Americans to eat less Script
Juin 08-10 Nils (software company) Script
Juin 08-11 Germany fingerprint shopping Script
Juin 08-12 Tata Motors unveil cheapest car Script
Juin 08-13 Islamic car Script
Juin 07-01 A sales rep called Steve
Juin 07-02 Tricks of the seasonal sales
Juin 07-03 Buying a house?
Juin 07-04 Ethics and fries
Juin 07-05 Part-time jobs
Juin 07-06 Rent or own?
Juin 07-07 Shoppers beware
Juin 07-08 Student credit card
Juin 06-01 $100 Laptop (j1d1)
Juin 06-02 Starbucks (j1d2)
Juin 06-03 Positive Attitude (j1d3)
Juin 06-04 Sarah Philips (j2d1)
Juin 06-05 Michael Lake (j2d2)
Juin 06-06 Jane Brosnan (j2d3)
Juin 05-01 Mike Dickson
Juin 05-02 Body Shop
Juin 05-03 Excellence in sales
Juin 05-04 Retired and in debt
Juin 05-05 28 years old and bankrupt
Juin 05-06 A gap year
Juin 05-07 Coffee Republic
Juin 05-08 Outdoor movies
Juin 05-09 Don’t give a mobile to your child
Juin 05-10 Mobile phones in schools
Juin 04-01 A student's dream
Juin 04-02 Debt spiral
Juin 04-03 I'm a Net pirate
Juin 04-04 UK's debt frontline
Juin 04-05 Advertising
Juin 04-06 Armani design
Juin 04-07 Women sports cars
Juin 04-08 London's traffic
Juin 04-09 Flying above the clouds
Juin 04-10 Demonstrator
Juin 04-11 Estate agent
Juin 04-12 Hobby into a business
Juin 04-13 Successful selling
Juin 04-14 Salesperson portrait

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